The early font and become an engraving of brand logo is dial appearance

The two paragraphs were used respectively to the watches for men different material production casing, and tie-in and different tonal dial: Radiomir 1940 wrist watch in polished stainless steel casing (AISI316L) with black dial, and Radiomir 1940 Oro Rosso red gold Panerai Contemporary Collection wathces, with a red gold case collocation brown dial. The sea is the specially 5 NPt red gold, this kind of special alloy contains high proportion of copper (24.1%), make the color more show depth. In addition, it also contains 0.4% of platinum, can help prevent metal appear oxidation. Refining, contracted dials the sandwich sandwich type structure, it consists of two articles of sheet metal, coated with a layer of Super-LumiNova Super luminescent materials. The upper plate after hollow out processing, form the corresponding number and labeled, make dial has the extremely legible performance and bright luminous effect.

The second hand, minute hand and hour hand small are coated with the same kind of luminous materials. And the first replica swiss watches, little second set in the same orientation at 9 o 'clock the small dial, the early font and become an engraving of brand logo is dial appearance design of the pen that nods eyeball, atlas and watch money is engraved on the dial type, located in the table between the ears.Through the base of the table sapphire crystal can appreciate based machine core improved by Minerva a OPXVII manual on the chain movement: this type of machine quality is excellent, through to the show fine after modification, its diameter is 16 3/4 law contains 18 points, stone, variable inertia balance with goose regulating neck style fine-tuning, KIF Parechoc shockproof device, and has 55 hours power storage. Through the back table central sapphire crystal can view and admire the gold movement. 511

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