Maurice Lacroix Pontos wathces works hard to give a person with surprise

Since the last century, dior to a brand image appeared in the people in the field of vision, in which most of the blood of it, and will always be those who walk in fashion popular symbols. From the beginning of creation is abstruse brand in pursuit of a kind of aesthetic concept, namely "even more time in the use of more, exquisite craft, dior also will be perfect, and make the products every detail must have originality". From the 1970 s, dior gradually began to enter into the Jaeger Le Coultre Reverso Duetto Classique wathces, but in the initial period of time, dior the originality of the watch has been stuck in the traditional rolex ladies watches modelling design, did not use really popular dior own style. So in 2000 the designer John Galliano before Maurice Lacroix Pontos wathces works hard to give a person with surprise, and it is hard to get rid of the shackles of fashion brands. And enter the new century, dior gradually began to change direction watch, and strive to develop into professional tabulation enterprise.

So in the ten years, we see the dior to strengthen professional and of effort, in 2001, dior in "Swiss tabulation cradle," said the pull shaoxing DE sealing to establish a production base, then respectively in 2003, 2004 and 2005 launched three different styles of style series, fashion and lightsome "Lydia series" turn for the daily life of the women used, as rolex watches for sale series is for those who have created the patron saint of the masculine temperament. And the most adept at dior jewelry making process is as far as possible into dior crystal drill watch (Christal) series in. In this the end of 2010, we might as well a comment, dior this 10 years of products in the window. Master of tabulation Constant Girard-Perregaux masterpiece. Beautifully carved gold case, equipped with three golden bridge tuo flywheel and lock reed capture vertical system, for Mexico's President Porfirio Diaz after all.512

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